A.I.-based drone tracking
software solutions

Get the big picture. Discover fast, react fast.

Our software solutions help to surveillance and protect sensitive areas from possible drone attacks or spying; monitor and organize drone traffic in cities or over larger areas; detect drone pilots in real time or help industrial drones to complete fully automated tasks.

Our platform connects various radars and sensors by different manufacturers into one unified system.

We process collected data in real-time, bringing to attention the more threatening security events, thereby allowing you to discover and react to imminent danger first.

of TrackDeep

Real time drone surveillance and drone attack protection

TrackDeep drone surveillance software is an A.I.-powered self-learning system to monitor and protect large scale border areas, high sensitivity infrastructure objects, military bases or prisons.

Real time drone traffic control and management

TrackDeep’s software for drone traffic control and drone fleet management. Get great overview and communicate with all participants of drone airspace.

Real time drone pilot detection solution “DOLIM”. Also as a service.

TrackDeep’s innovative drone pilot location detection is a patent pending machine-learning based real time solution to locate drone operators even without using RF sensors. Also available as microservice (API).

Automated navigation solution for drone-based logistics

TrackDeep’s software for autonomous drone navigation. Makes easier to develop and implement any kind of automated drone tasks.

Realistic drone simulation solution for software developers and military trainings

We used accumulated knowledge from all our drone software development related projects to build realistic drone simulation solution.


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